The key to a good quiche is a creamy, custard filling, not one that tastes like a baked omelette on pastry!   After making them for years and playing with the recipe in several ways, I have found the addition of mayonnaise achieves the objective! Click here for my quiche recipe.



Meatloaf is a great way to use up ground beef.  Kids love it because of the sweet, sticky sauce and the soft texture of the loaf.  Adults love it because it’s heart warming, comfort food!  This will feed 6-8 people.

Click here for my meatloaf recipe.

Make your own McDonalds style Chicken Nuggets. So much better too!

If your kids are anything like my grandchildren, they will love going to McDonalds for a little treat.  However, it’s no secret just how horrible fast food is for children, which is why I try to make the children as much as I can at home.  These chicken nuggets require no effort at all and taste very similar to McDonald’s chicken nuggets, only nicer as they use real pieces of chicken breast.  These take less than 5 minutes!

Chicken Nuggets recipe



Three Meals from One Chicken

One of the key things about living on a budget, is how to stretch food.  A chicken is a prime example of how you can, if you try, stretch to three meals.  I have devised a series of recipes so that you can stretch ONE chicken into 3 family recipes.  Continue your usual shopping, and add these extra dishes to your freezer in case of times where you don’t have enough money to replenish your stock.

Click here for Three Meals from One Chicken.


My simple, quick and easy to make, Jambalaya is my take on this recipe.  My family love this, including the grandchildren.  It is very flavorful, but not too spicy.  It is also a very economical meal for a large family.  The amount below that I cook, is for a family of 7 (5 adults, 2 children).  So please vary the amounts according to the size of your family.  This gives a good, hearty portion for each of the 7 of us.

Jambalaya Recipe Here.

Planning Meals a Week in Advance

Before I go shopping, I always make a list of what I have run out of, or am likely to run out of in a week.  Those items are always at the top of my list.  They are usually my staple items.

These weekly menus can be altered to your own taste or specifications. They are just starting points to help you to plan your meals in advance.  Doing it this way, will also cut down on waste, by either over buying food or buying food you don’t need.



Weekly menus coming soon!