Banana Sultana Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze

This is a lovely, light, moist cake.   Beautiful for a lazy afternoon with a cup of tea.  Read my recipe here.


British Flapjacks (Cereal Bars)

My kids grew up on this recipe.  When they were small, it was sometimes a bit of struggle to get them to eat their oats (porridge).  Sometimes it was difficult to get them to eat any breakfast at all.  But they always loved my simple cereal bars, no matter what time of day.  You can dress them up how you like.  You can put in dried apricots, fruits, nuts, whatever you like.  But this is the basic recipe.

Simple Strawberry Apple Crumble

I was in the middle of dinner today and looking around in the pantry for a few basic ingredients so I could knock up a quick dessert for the kids and I came across a couple of cans of strawberries and apple pie filling.  It then occurred to me.  A strawberry apple crumble. Total indulgent comfort food.  Click here for my recipe.

English Sherry Trifle

There are several ways to make trifle.  As a child I grew up with traditional trifle made with a jelly/jello.  Chocolate trifle.  Hot trifle and  Sherry Trifle.  My kids went through a stage where they had to have chocolate trifle every few days.  That lasted a while, but they overdosed on it and can’t even hear the name anymore lol.  These days, they are more fixated on my sherry trifle.  It’s very simple and a good way to use up old cake / pound cake.

Click here for my sherry trifle recipe.

Planning Meals a Week in Advance

Before I go shopping, I always make a list of what I have run out of, or am likely to run out of in a week.  Those items are always at the top of my list.  They are usually my staple items.

These weekly menus can be altered to your own taste or specifications. They are just starting points to help you to plan your meals in advance.  Doing it this way, will also cut down on waste, by either over buying food or buying food you don’t need.



Weekly menus coming soon!